2020 Best Home Solar Battery Backup | BSLBATT Lithium

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The Myth of home battery backup power supply

More and more people are beginning to look into the benefits of switching to a home battery backup system such as the BSLBATT Lithium home battery. A home battery provides the added security and peace of mind of a backup generator without the added hassle of dealing with fuel. Batteries have a lot of advantages: they are cleaner, quieter, more environmentally friendly, and help you save money on your utility. But when push comes to shove, are home batteries as effective as fuel-powered generators?

Well, it depends. There are limits to the ability of a backup battery system to provide a home with power during an outage. For some homeowners, home batteries serve their needs perfectly, but others may run into issues with the limited electrical output of a battery. Whether you can run your home on a battery depends on the battery’s capacity, your home’s energy needs, and the length of time needed for the battery to run.

If you’re thinking about whether a solar battery might be right for your home, you might be wondering about safety. Like any household device, it’s a vital consideration.

The good news is, solar batteries are considered very safe.

The Powerwall is one of the best solar battery and smart home energy-storage solutions on the market. It has some incredible features and it comes at a reasonable price. 

After browsing this BSLBATT battery website, you may find that we’ve just got one type of batteries--Powerwall. What if you want another type of shape? What if our customers don’t want to hang a battery on the wall? So have BSLBATT got batteries like powerwall but not totally the same as that like? 

YES OF COURSE. Here I don’t want to mention our customized service again, I just want to simply introduce this basic & popular type of battery like powerwall, providing the similar functions but with a more common outlook. 

Powerwall, as the name suggests, it’s suitable to hang up on a wall while needs some wall space in your home. It’s designed to look more like an art feature rather than a piece of technology that powers your home. 

But we have two popular types of lithium battery for home solar usage, one is powerwall batteries - wall mounted, another is rack mounted lithium battery as the below pictures have shown. A relatively basic and popular type of solar energy storage lithium battery. Providing more purchasing options to you and your end customers.

home battery backup power supply

                                                                                                   (Wall-mounted Type)         

Best Home Solar Battery Backup

                                                                                                          (Flat Type)


With the this rack mounted type battery, users can stack up several pieces of them together to power as much as they need. Usually, these rack-mouted type batteries are often being bought and used as the lead acid battery replacement. The most popular model would be 51.2V 100AH.

As it’s a type of battery like powerwall, you must be curious about the price difference between the two. We can tell you directly in this passage, yes the rack-mouted type battery’s price will of course lower than the wall-mouted type. But still the duration of warranty & service & product quality definitely remain the same. 

Below are some pictures of the rack-mouted type battery installations pictures from our end customers. 

backup battery system

Some of our partners were developing this business from just last year, in the lead acid battery replacement with lithium battery field. They did, they caught the time. So they’ve got more profits.

Power You Can Depend On

Reliability matters, especially when it comes to powering your homes essential. Keeping on lights, refrigerator, freezer and phones charged are a necessity when the power goes out. Rest assured that your home and family are safe with a home battery system

Why not just start early if you have a plan? What about bringing this product to your website right now? Opportunity is very important. If you’re interested in this type batteries like powerwall, just simply drop us an email, we can show you a 360 degree product presentation or anything you need. Get the things started!