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High Voltage Battery System
Revolutionize Your Home Energy System with BSLBATT's High Voltage Battery Solution
Higher Energy Density Battery System

This is BSLBATT's most advanced high-voltage battery system designed for home energy storage, equipped with advanced features that provide households with efficient and reliable energy management solutions.

BSLBATT high-voltage battery system is an optical storage integrated machine product that supports four distinct interfaces, including photovoltaic, battery, grid-connected, and load. Its advanced on-grid switching function allows for seamless integration and management of energy from multiple sources, making it an optimal choice for households seeking an energy management solution that meets their specific needs.


Moreover, BSLBATT high-voltage battery system offers uninterrupted switching between off-grid and grid-connected modes, ensuring continuous access to reliable energy supply. The system provides full power output in the off-grid state, enabling households to have a steady and stable supply of energy. Additionally, its 100% balanced load access allows for the efficient distribution of energy throughout the household.

Furthermore, BSLBATT high-voltage battery system has excellent load adaptability, making it suitable for inductive loads, such as air conditioners, without any performance degradation. This feature ensures that households can rely on the system to manage their energy requirements effectively.

In conclusion, BSLBATT high-voltage battery system is a reliable and efficient solution for households seeking to optimize their energy consumption and management.