BSLBATT Works with The Madagascar People to Address The Challenges of Electrification

Views: 62     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-16      Origin: Site


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To date, most countries and regions around the world still live in a world without electricity, and Madagascar, the largest island nation in Africa, is one of them. Lack of access to adequate and reliable energy has been a major obstacle to Madagascar's economic and social development. It makes it difficult to provide basic social services or conduct business, which negatively affects the country's investment climate. According to the Ministry of Energy, Madagascar's ongoing electricity crisis is catastrophic.

Rack battery

For the past five years, a very small number of people have had electricity on this pristine island with a beautiful environment, and it is one of the poorest countries in terms of electricity coverage. In addition, the infrastructure is outdated and the existing generation, transmission and distribution facilities are unable to meet the growing demand. Due to frequent power outages, the government has been responding to emergencies by providing expensive thermal generators that run primarily on diesel.

15.36kWh Rack Battery

While diesel generators are a short-lived power solution, the CO2 emissions they bring are an environmental problem that cannot be ignored, which is causing climate change faster than we expected. in 2019, oil will account for 33% of the 36.4 Gt of CO2 emissions, natural gas for 21% and coal for 39%. Getting off fossil fuels fast is critical!

Therefore, for the energy sector, the focus should be on developing low-emission energy systems. To this end, BSLBATT helped Madagascar accelerate the development of "green" power by providing 10kWh Powerwall batteries as an initial residential storage solution in order to provide stable power to the local population. However, the local power shortage was catastrophic, and for some large households, the 10kWh battery was not enough, so to better meet the local power demand, we did a rigorous survey of the local market and finally customized a 15.36kWh extra-large capacity rack battery as a new backup solution for them.

BSLBATT is now supporting Madagascar's energy transition efforts with non-toxic, safe, efficient and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, all available from our Madagascar distributor INERGY Solutions.

"People living in remote areas of Madagascar either have no electricity at all or have a diesel generator that runs for a few hours during the day and a few hours at night. Installing a solar system with BSLBATT batteries can provide homeowners with 24 hours of electricity, which means these families engage in normal, modern living. The money saved on diesel can be used more for household needs such as buying better appliances or food, and will also save a lot of CO2." Says the founder of INERGY Solutions.

Fortunately, all regions of Madagascar receive more than 2,800 hours of sunshine per year, creating the conditions for the implementation of home solar systems with a potential capacity of 2,000 kWh/m²/year. Sufficient solar energy allows the solar panels to absorb enough energy and store the excess in BSLBATT batteries, which can be re-exported to various loads on nights when the sun is not shining, enhancing solar energy utilization and helping local residents to become self-sufficient.


BSLBATT is committed to providing renewable energy lithium battery storage solutions for areas with stable power troubles, with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions while bringing cleaner, stable and reliable energy.