BSLBATT Wall Battery Vs. Tesla Powerwall
At BSLBATT we are proud to offer the best lithium battery solutions, including solar wall batteries for residential energy storage systems, and we provide high quality solar wall batteries at the best price while ensuring that our products are ahead of the competition in terms of performance, cells, BMS, and lifespan, We provide high quality solar wall battery at the best price to help solar dealers and installers to provide high quality service and expand the market. Here's how we compare to one of our most popular competitors, the Tesla Powerwall.
The BSLBATT wall battery is suitable for DC-coupled residential systems and is ideal for newly installed solar systems with higher conversion efficiency.
The BSLBATT wall battery, all made in China, is more cost-effective, allowing you to pay back your money in a shorter period of time, and when connected in parallel, you only need to buy the batteries and not the inverter.