Island Power - BSLBATT Solar Power Solution For South Pacific Island

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Among the many islands in the South Pacific, stable power supply has always been a major problem. Many small islands have no power supply. Some islands use diesel generators and fossil fuels as their power. In order to obtain stable electricity, renewable energy power generation has become the hottest topic. This article describes how BSLBATT provides Solar Power Solutions for UA - Pou island.

Solar Power solutions in South Pacific Island

UA - Pou island is a French Polynesian island, the third largest of the Marquesas Islands, located 50 km south of Nuku Hiva in the Pacific Ocean, 28 km long and 25 km wide, with an area of 105 km2 and a maximum altitude of 1,232 m above sea level, and a population of 2,157 in 2007. Many Islands on South Pacific have switched to renewable energy generation, but some of them, such as UA - Pou island, do not have a large-scale photovoltaic system due to their small population and geographical situation, so a stable electricity supply is still a major problem for the islanders.

UA - Pou island (1)

Our client, whose name is Shoshana, lives on UA - Pou Island and had an ambitious need to be able to keep the lights on in his large house (20 kWh per day to meet household electricity consumption). "The landscape on this island is really fascinating and my family and I love living here, provided we have to endure the power outages that can come at any time, and although renewable energy is very common these days, unfortunately our island does not enjoy the convenience of renewable energy generation for some reason," says Shoshana. "Shoshana said, "so in order to be able to continue living here with my family, we had to figure out the main power problem ourselves, I have installed solar panels but obviously it doesn't completely keep the lights on in my house, I also need to choose some battery backup system to store the solar energy so that my family and I can achieve 80% energy self-sufficiency."

solar power solution

To meet Mr. Shoshana's needs, our partners expertly evaluated and designed a 20kWh solar power solution using BSLBATT 4 x 48V 100Ah lithium-ion batteries (51.2V actual voltage) and Victron inverters, and erected it on Mr. Shoshana's roof on solar panels connected. This solar cell system provides 20.48kWh of backup power to his house, and on a clear day, Mr. Shoshana's house is 80-90% self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Mr. Shoshana was very satisfied with our solar power solution and felt that we not only met his requirements, but exceeded his expectations!

The BSLBATT 48V lithium battery can be used for home or business energy backup plans with up to 16 expandable options that can meet daily power needs and keep the lights on in your home or business during a power outage. Our solar power solutions can meet any home or business need at an attractive and economically viable price.

BSLBATT offers high quality lithium-ion solar batteries for solar power solutions, learn about our installation portfolio or contact us for a personalized consultation and quote from one of our technically trained and qualified sales representatives.