BSLBATT’s Lithium Home Battery Company Just Revealed Its New Tesla Powerwall Rivals

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Tesla Powerwall is getting more competition, with BSLBATT Lithium unveiling a new home battery system designed to keep the lights on even if the power goes out. The new 15KWH Lithium Powerwall Battery and all-in-one 20 kWh Lithium Battery package up lithium-ion batteries for off-grid, solar, and backup use. Lower your utility bill by avoiding the need to buy electricity at peak times with the BSLBATT Lithium Home Battery. Order online or by PHONE +86 752 2819469

Regardless of what BSLBATT Lithium battery model you choose – we guarantee that you will get the best possible solution for your needs!.

Lithium Home Battery

That’s courtesy of a B-LFP15, which packs a whopping 20 kWh of usable energy. It can also be scaled up to 40 kWh, with two units, for really demanding applications. Available this month, it can deliver a sustained 7 kW or 11 kW peak, or 14 kW if you have two units installed. In contrast, a Tesla Powerwall uses a 13.5 kWh battery and can deliver 5 kW of sustained power.

If that’s slightly more than your home actually demands, the all-in-one 20 kWh Lithium Battery is a smaller version. It has 20.4 kWh of li-ion battery power inside, but can also be scaled up to 40.8 kWh with two units. BSLBATT Wall-mounted home lithium battery adopts the patented rhombus 18650 LiFePO4 cells. The whole internal assembly from cells, modules, BMS to components are screw fastening that presenting utmost safety and reliability.

Both have features like remote battery monitoring and are compatible with a variety of inverters for easier installation. That includes single-phase or three-phase, and commercial or residential. If you have a solar system, the all-in-one 20 kWh Lithium batteries can be used to store excess power for when you need it later on; alternatively, they can be charged from the grid, and kept as a backup should that go down at some point.

It is a kind of environmentally friendly backup power system. We use phosphates rather than cobalt to avoid environmental concerns, lower the possibilities of a thermal runaway because of improper disposal, and save the production cost as well. Compared with other products in the market now, this kind of product experiences a lower rate of capacity loss. With state-of-the-art power conversion and energy storage technologies, our energy storage system (ESS) offers high-efficiency power conditioning capabilities for demand management, power dispatch, renewable energy smoothing, etc. Our ESS can provide comprehensive energy storage for residential, commercial, and utility applications. Our Li-ion battery portfolio covers cells, modules 48V, cabinets (indoor/outdoor), and containers, which offer customers excellent scalability and adaptability to a wide variety of requirements.

The BSLBATT all-in-one 20 kWh Lithium Battery is expected to go on sale this month, while the smaller 15KWH Lithium Powerwall Battery will follow in January 2021. After that, though, BSLBATT Lithium is also promising a new, flexible battery system, B-LFP30, which should launch in the second half of 2021.

It consists of battery modules, with support for 2-4 being fitted at any one time depending on power requirements. That way, you can have between 8.6 and 17.2 kWh of capacity installed. Sustained power delivery is between 4.3 kW and 8.6 kW, or 5-11 kW peak, and you still get remote battery monitoring and support for hybrid and even small commercial solar inverters.

BSLBATT Lithium was spun out from Wisdom Power, the electronics behemoth’s battery division, and will focus on the global Home Lithium battery business. It’s certainly a growing industry: while Tesla’s Powerwall may be among the best-known of the whole home backup battery products, it’s certainly not alone. Only last month, Shell subsidiary Sonnen launched its sonnenCore home battery system, also intended to take on Tesla’s system.

Since 2003, BSLBATT's power storage wall ESS products have gained much more popularity among over 6000 families spreading all over the world and related solutions have been widely deployed in residential, commercial, and grid-tied storage systems, vehicle batteries, and emergency power for iCloud.