BSLBATT Residential Solar Battery Solution For Self-Consunmption

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The BSLBATT residential solar battery solution offers smart, reliable, secure and high-capacity capabilities at an affordable price, making solar energy an affordable, green and renewable source of energy for everyone!

In the last 10-15 years, new manufacturers of energy storage batteries have emerged and established themselves in the global market. One of these manufacturers is BSLBATT, which specializes in the design and production of lithium-ion batteries, providing outstanding solutions for material handling, industrial equipment, electric vehicles, and stationary energy storage.

Over the past few years, BSLBATT residential energy storage systems have gained consumer recognition; their products are even considered by some in the solar industry to be on par with some of the leading manufacturers of energy storage systems.

What Do You Know About The Manufacturer?

BSLBATT, formally known as Wisdom Power Technology Co., Ltd, was founded in 2012 in China. It quickly grew to become an internationally lithium ion battery manufacturer, currently operating in over 100 countries and with 43 distributors worldwide.

While BSLBATT's early energy storage batteries were limited to a few models, the company now offers a wide range of residential, grid and hybrid devices, Below we focus on the components of the BSLBATT solution for residential self-consumption.

What Are The Key Components of BSLBATT Residential Solar Battery Solution?

There are three main components that stand out in the BSLBATT residential solar battery solution: Powerwall batteries (5 capacity options: 2.56 kWh / 5.12kWh / 7.68kWh / 10.24kWh / 12.8kWh); Rack-mount batteries (5 capacity options: 2.56 kWh / 5.12kWh / 7.68kWh / 10.24kWh / 12.8kWh) capacity options: 2.56 kWh / 5.12kWh / 6.66kWh / 8.19kWh / 15.36kWh); and high-voltage battery systems (15.36kWh - 35.84kWh). All products are made with proven Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry. In fact, LiFePO4 has become the most popular choice for stationary energy storage; this is due to its reliability, long life, excellent performance and high safety with minimal risk of thermal runaway or overheating.

Powerwall Battery Series

Through its Powerwall series, BSLBATT now offers five capacity options of 2.56 kWh, 5.12 kWh, 7.68 kWh, 10.24 kWh, and 12.8 kWh, with a new extra large capacity option of 12.8 kWh compared to last year. Active, it uses BYD and CATL's square LiFePo4 cells with an actual voltage of 51.2V through a 16S1P assembly, which gives the BSLBATT Powerwall higher efficiency, longer life and better load management.

Powerful scalability is another significant advantage of the BSLBATT Powerwall. Due to its modularity, the capacity of the system can be expanded smoothly and new units are easy to install. It can be connected in parallel with up to 16 identical battery modules. Importantly, the BSLBATT Powerwall battery can be expanded to increase its power output, while other battery brands can only increase the amount of energy they can store. For example, adding a second LG Chem RESU 10H to the standard configuration does not necessarily mean you now have 10kW of power; instead, you need a separate additional inverter to increase the output capacity of the entire system. However, with the BSLBATT battery, the power output increases as you install more batteries: for example, a system with two 10kWh Powerwall batteries will give you 19.6 kW of power, twice as much as a single battery. Basically, the system can be used for applications such as solar storage, demand fulfillment, planned energy dispatch, and off-grid emergency power.

residential ereng storage system powerwall

Key features of Powerwall battery:

Modular design: Flexible capacity solutions from 2.56 kWh to 12.8 kWh.

Capacity can be smoothly expanded to meet the needs of households at different times.

Long service life, more than 6000 cycles.

0.5C/1C continualcharge and discharge

Multiple certificates: UL-1973, UN-38.3, IEC62133, CEC

Up to 10 years warranty.

Rackmount Lithium Battery

Chinese manufacturer BSLBATT Lithium offers more battery flexibility than other energy storage devices with its modular energy storage system Rack-mounted Battery, a plug-and-play home solar battery that is also available in multiple capacity options 2.56 kWh / 5.12kWh / 6.66kWh / 8.19kWh / 15.36kWh, you can expand it by 16 identical units by connecting them in parallel, or by connecting them in series up to 400V (when using them in series, you need to talk to our professional team in advance). Rackmount batteries are a great option for consumers because they are durable and can be used under more conditions than Powerwall batteries!

Rackmount 48V can be charged at a rate of 1C, which means it only takes an hour to charge with 100A current. Considering that the device will be fully charged and discharged every day (in extreme cases), the product will have a lifetime of 10 years, which is a very long time. Since charging and discharging do not usually occur completely every day in most applications, the life expectancy will exceed 16 years, which is consistent with the life expectancy of most PV systems.

residential solar battery rack-mount

Key features of rack-mounted battery packs:

Multiple capacity options - 2.56 kWh / 5.12kWh/ 6.66kWh / 8.19kWh / 15.36kWh.

Supports a variety of mounting options: vertical mounting, floor mounting, wall mounting, and battery stacking.

Expansion possibilities: The product can accommodate up to 16 cells running in parallel.

High safety: battery level monitoring and equalization.

Compatible with major inverter brands.

Multiple certificates: UL-1973, UN-38.3, IEC62133, CEC


This new product will make its debut at Intersolar. BSL-BOX-HV is a series of high-voltage energy storage devices that combine a hybrid inverter and a lithium battery module in a very simple, modular structure. This reduces installation time and simplifies maintenance of the entire system.

The reliable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology ensures maximum safety and long life, with capacities ranging from 15.36kWh to 35.84kWh to meet stringent design requirements.

The device can be used either for off-grid installations or as an additional power system in the event of a failure. Energy storage systems using BSLBATT high-voltage batteries (i.e. > 120V DC) have many advantages for homes that wish to include battery storage in their solar systems. In addition to being less costly than alternatives, BSLBATT high voltage battery storage systems allow your home to increase its independence from the grid and provide you with greater flexibility to change your system to meet future needs. The BSLBATT High Voltage Battery Storage System also has a more efficient energy conversion efficiency, which means you'll get more energy and power than with an equivalent solar system.

residential battery storage BSL-BOX-HV

The BSL-BOX-HV has the following key features.

● High voltage integrated system (inverter and battery integrated in one compact unit).

● Can be used with existing PV installations (no need to mix inverters)

● Fast and easy installation - battery installation typically takes about 30 minutes

● Easy expansion with additional capacity units (from 15.36 kWh to even 35.84 kWh)

● Plug-and-play battery modules offer greater flexibility, with no exposed wiring or connectors

● LFP technology for long battery life and high safety

● More energy and power from higher operating efficiency

● Systems have enough power to be installed in all applications, whether they are grid-tied, off-grid or standby systems

It is worth mentioning that the BSLBATT 48V residential solar battery is compatible with other well-known inverter manufacturers on the market, such as Victron, Studer, Growatt, Goodwe, DEYE, Voltronic, SMA, etc.

What Are The Features of BSLBATT Residential Solar batteries?

As we have seen, BSLBATT's solutions bring different advantages for residential self-consumption.

A wide range of product options

BSLBATT offers a wide range of battery capacity options for the home energy storage market to suit your different locations and energy needs, and BSLBATT has designed its modular and scalable lithium batteries with this in mind, both high and low voltage.

Adaptability to Inverter Brands

The versatility of BSLBATT's products also applies to its ability to work with components from other manufacturers. When choosing modules for your new solar system, you don't have to worry about BSLBATT's suitability because BSLBATT 48V home batteries are compatible with Victron, Studer, Growatt, Goodwe, DEYE, Voltronic, SMA and other brands.

Affordable price

One of the greatest advantages of BSLBATT products is the cost effectiveness. In other words, the fact of offering devices with very interesting technical and performance characteristics does not diminish the possibility of offering these devices at very affordable prices. We hope that the BSLBATT home battery will help consumers solve their electricity problems, rather than turning him into a luxury.

Reliable Service

What sets BSLBATT apart is that it is not only one of the manufacturers of energy storage batteries with the lowest equipment failure rate, but also provides excellent technical support and service when problems do arise.

As we have seen, BSLBATT is one of the best manufacturers of energy storage batteries on the market, able to offer quality at the best prices. If you want to start switching to PV for your own use from BSLBATT, please contact us.