BSLBATT presents new off-grid solar battery for storing power from solar panels

Views: 231     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-16      Origin: Site


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Chinese manufacturer BSLBATT has unveiled the new battery BSL BOX . The off-grid solar battery is designed to enable the off-grid storage of solar energy produced by solar panels.

BSLBATT, a supplier of lithium ion battery energy storage systems aims to expand its market reach with the addition of the BSL BOX battery system. The company claims to want to meet the growing demand for residential off-grid lithium batteries.

48V lithium battery pack

Multiple mounting options

The BSL BOX can be expanded in any way by stacking, and of course, if you only need one battery system, it can be installed on the wall like a Powerwall to save your space to the maximum extent.

No additional cable connections required

The new battery system covers a wide capacity range from 5.12 to 30.72 kilowatt-hours, responding to different needs from everyday households to small businesses, indicates marketing director of BSLBATT Aydan Liang.

The modularity of the BSL BOX battery system makes it easy to install. It is equipped with internal plugs so no additional cable connections are needed. All external cables are integrated on one plug, making connection to the inverter easier.


In terms of security, the battery system enjoys multi-level protection thanks to the inverter and the battery management system. Meanwhile, according to the manufacturer, The compactly designed BSL Box consists of a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery due to its high temperature resistance, safety and stability and better performance up to 6000 charge cycles.

The battery system has a service life of more than 10 years. Regarding compatibility, the BSL BOX battery system can be used with well-known inverters: Victron, Growatt, SMA, Studer, Fronius, Deye, Goodwe, etc.

Peak consumption

In addition, the Home Battery BSL BOX can help smooth out peak consumption. After installation, users can continuously monitor the consumption of solar panels and batteries via an application. In short, thanks to the BSLBATT battery BOX, self-consumption can quickly increase by 30%, thus saving on energy costs.

A further feature is that the BSL BOX, when communicating with the inverter, allows for closer control of the battery and the ability to query battery data via the internet.


Optimizing self-consumption is becoming increasingly important in areas with high electricity costs in order to control energy bills.

The BSL BOX off-grid solar battery continuously measures the energy flowing in and out of the power supply. Once the device detects that there is still solar energy available, it charges the battery. Sometimes, when the sun no longer provides so much energy, the battery discharges before switching to the more expensive mains supply.

This is a low-voltage off-grid solar battery system, and BSLBATT is now designing a new high-voltage BSL BOX with inverters, which will also be released soon.