BSLBATT Powerwall update makes it smarter during a power outage

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BSLBATT Powerwall battery for homeowners Utilise more of your free, clean solar power

More control over your energy

As an artstic and strong power backup for energy storage system, powerwall batteries have been a popular products in the battery industry for a while. But also, many companies and manufacturers have just entered this field as the identity of beginners to produce this product. 

Though this technology and this approach of powerwall batteries is absolutely amazing, there are many of them just a first generation product. This is the very worst it can be, it’s just a start. 

Powerwall is a home battery from BSLBATT that stores solar energy so you can use it day or night and self-power your home. Solar panels typically generate more clean energy than your house can immediately use. Powerwall stores that excess solar to make it available on demand, maximising your use of solar and reducing your reliance on the grid.

Time-Based control. A Smarter way to use energy.

If your utility prices vary throughout the day, set Powerwall in Time-Based Control to maximise savings. Powerwall learns patterns in your energy usage and solar generation – using stored energy to avoid purchasing high-cost electricity.

Home Battery supplier

Why install BSLBATT Powerwall battery?

Solar Power Day and Night

Powerwall stores solar to continuously power your home with sustainable energy day and night.

A Self-Powered Home

Use solar and Powerwall to reduce reliance on the grid and create a zero emissions home.

Monitor Your Energy Usage

Seamlessly monitor your Powerwall’s state of charge at any place, any time by using the Tesla App.

Power your home during a power cut

Powerwall detects grid outages and automatically becomes your home's main energy source.

Low Electricity Rates

Reduce your electricity bill if your supplier offers time-of-use rates. *Feature available via over-the-air update.

Better Over Time

With over-the-air software updates, Powerwall will continue to improve and adapt to your lifestyle.

But here BSLBATT would like to provide a more persuasive powerwall product to you and your customers. There have been two generations of upgrades for our powerwall products. If you’ve gone through our website carefully enough, you can see two different shapes of powerwalls.

BSLBATT Powerwall update

(The 1st Generation)

We had just successfully opened the model for the new design powerwall this year! Though our R&D department has already done a lot of research from last years. We used to produce the square type in the past few years, which is the 1st generation, but now we update to the below curve edge type. Without the sharp edges, there's no chance of being hurt. If there’re children in your end customers’ home, this soft edge seems attach great importance for the physical security.

Powerwall 2

(The 2nd Generation)

We’ve discussed the upgrade in appearance, but of course, the upgrade can not only be felt from the outlook. According the information collected from our customers buying the 1st generation products, we’ve improved several points on the BMS, battery system etc., and now we can offer more options of the electricity demand to adapt to the needs of different regions.

BSLBATT Powerwall Battery

Sustainable energy day and night.

Powerwall integrates with solar to store excess energy generated during the day and makes it available when you need it, minimising reliance on your energy provider.

With up to 13.5kWh of storage and the capability to deliver 5kW of continuous power the BSLBATT Powerwall 2 offers great value for money and is the most efficient home battery in terms of cost per kWh.

The Powerwall is a completely automated system that requires no maintenance and will update over time via over-the-air software updates. Through the Tesla mobile app, you gain full visibility and control over your self-powered home.

BSLBATT are certified by TUV to retrofit Powerwall to existing solar PV systems and integrate with new solar panels for homes and businesses. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.