Is The BSLBATT Powerwall Battery Worth Buying? Listen to George's Experience!

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BSLBATT Powerwall batteries have been available for a long time, but for customers who have never been exposed to BSLBATT, investing in a BSLBATT Powerwall battery is still a hesitant decision.

George is one of our many installers, and as a professional in the home energy storage industry, we have gathered some of his experience. If you have questions about BSLBATT Powerwall batteries, read this article!

LFP Powerwall battery home battery

First, let's start with the BSLBATT Powerwall data sheet: 

BSLBATT 10kWh Powerwall as an example

Battery Technology LiFePo4 or LFP
Storage capacity 10.12kWh
Nominal power 10kW
Peak power 15kW 3s
Waterproof rating IP665
Efficiency 98.80%
Weight 90KG
Installation method Floor or wall mount
Dimension(mm) 820*490*147

Availability Analysis

Photovoltaic has been in development for over 10 years and we ended up using lead-acid batteries for energy storage systems until lithium batteries came along and they performed better in PV storage systems, so I started selling lithium-ion solar batteries.

During this time, I was happy to learn about the BSLBATT brand and later became a distributor of BSLBATT batteries. I love their Powerwall batteries and recommend them to my customers as they are more cost effective than the better known brands and my customers have shared a lot of positive feedback about BSLBATT Powerwall batteries. My customers have shared with me a lot of positive feedback about BSLBATT Powerwall batteries.

So my answer to the availability of BSLBATT Powerwall batteries in PV systems is Yes!


With an overall weight of 90 Kg, the BSLBATT Powerwall battery is much easier to install than the 114 Kg Tesla Powerwall, requiring only 2-3 grown men to complete the wall-mounted installation. Since most solar system owners decide to install a home battery storage system in their basement, they must first climb a few stairs. This can take a long time if the weight is high. With a connecting room on the ground, transportation to your destination is less sweaty and less expensive.

The BSLBATT Powerwall battery can be hung on the wall or as a floor-mounted installation. The compact and attractive design makes it a great addition to your home. It should be installed near the meter cabinet to reduce cable runs and keep installation costs low.

Our conclusion about the installation. Transporting the device to the right place requires a lot of force, the installation itself is not complicated.

Battery Capacity

The BSLBATT Powerwall has a net capacity of 10.12 kWh (in addition, of course, they are available in 2.5kWh / 7.5kWh / 12.8 kWh / 20kWh versions). This storage capacity is very sufficient for a US home, and if your home consumes more electricity than the average US home, then you can choose to connect multiple BSLBATT Powerwall batteries in parallel to meet your own power needs.

The 10kWh battery capacity will be a bit much for European homes, but there are other versions of them available. Especially if one plans to buy an electric vehicle, regardless of the manufacturer, and there is enough space on the roof, the storage unit and solar system should ideally be larger.

Our conclusion on capacity is that it is particularly suitable for houses with high or increasing electricity consumption.


As just mentioned, BSLBATT Powerwall batteries have a very good price/performance ratio - compared to similar residential energy storage systems on the market. In particular, they don't weigh a lot, which saves a lot of installation work and thus more costs. Most of all, you can trust the quality of BSLBATT Powerwall batteries, they use only brand new LiFePo4 cells, and as an installer or consumer, you don't have to worry at all about buying a high priced battery using cells that were removed from the top of an electric vehicle and reused.

Our conclusion about price: BSLBATT Powerwall is very price friendly compared to other manufacturers' battery storage systems.


Even though the price of a power storage system is a decisive factor for many solar system owners - their ultimate choice of manufacturer to make the best use of the benefits of a home PV system also depends on the performance of the storage system.

The BSLBATT Powerwall battery does not make any noise during operation, so you can live without the annoyance of a noisy generator. And BSLBATT Powerwall is so easy to operate that even the elderly and children can control its switch.

In terms of compatibility, the BSLBATT Powerwall is compatible with most of the well-known inverters, such as Vcitron, Studer, SMA, Growatt, Goodwe, Deye, etc.!

Our verdict on the functionality: good.

Backup Power Supply

BSLBATT Powerwall has a function to provide temporary backup power in case of grid failure. The emphasis here is on standby power, not emergency power.

In standby power, individual consumers such as cell phones and computers can continue to get their power supply from the Powerwall. Essential devices such as lights, a fully charged Powerwall battery can still sustain them for a while!

However, in the event of a grid failure, it is not possible to continue to provide backup power to consumers with large amounts of power or to three-phase consumers such as heaters, heat pumps or furnaces. Alternatively, in the event of a grid failure, the BSLBATT Powerwall can store the power generated by the solar system to keep you going.

If you want to be able to power your entire house with rooftop solar and solar lithium batteries even in the event of a grid failure, it is best to choose a power storage system with backup power capabilities. In this case, the entire house including all consumers, such as the heating system or heat pump, can continue to be supplied with electricity.

Our conclusion about standby power: BSLBATT can store energy from the solar system to provide electricity in case of a power failure!

Exterior Design

We all know that the outer ring is one of the things that homeowners will consider when choosing a home energy storage battery. The simple color palette with the bright logo colors all make the BSLBATT Powerwall battery more of a work of art and a perfect decorative piece for both outdoor and indoor installations.

Our (exterior) design comment: Very good.


Overall and Conclusion

+ Good usability

+ Easy technical setup and commissioning

+ High net capacity of 10.12 kWh for electric vehicles

+ Smooth operation, low noise level, and

+ Aesthetically pleasing Powerwall design

+ Impressive price compared to equivalent products

+ Integration with other inverters and other components

In this article, we have collected George's review of the BSLBATT Powerwall in terms of availability, installation, and capacity, which can be a necessary reference for you when choosing to become a BSLBATT installer or distributor.

Since its launch, demand for the BSLBATT home battery system has grown steadily. Since then, the Chinese manufacturer has taken the feedback and experience of customers and installers with BSLBATT home battery systems to heart and has further developed its battery storage technology in various areas.