BSLBATT New Solar Powerwall Battery - Home Battery Bank

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BSLBATT is one of the professional China solar battery company and we have just launched its new 10kWh Solar Powerwall Battery. This home battery bank is the latest in solar battery technology and design, but how does it stand out from the competition? The 10.24 kWh BSLBATT Solar Powerwall battery would be a great choice for homeowners.

lithium powerwall

How does the BSLBATT Solar Powerwall work?

The Solar Powerwall works like most Home Battery Banks. It stores energy from sources such as solar panels or the grid or even a generator and can release the redirected energy for more flexible use in the future when it is needed.

With the increase in residential solar energy storage installations in recent years, BSLATT Solar Powerwall batteries are often paired with solar panels to store excess energy production. This provides a clean source of energy that can power homes during the day and night, on cloudy days, and on dark days in the winter.

Not only does the BSLBATT Solar Powerwall work in off-grid solar systems, but it is equally important in grid-tied solar systems, and we are excited to see more and more homeowners choosing the BSLBATT Solar Powerwall to provide greater flexibility for their solar systems and for their home energy.

BSLBATT Solar Powerwall Specification Sheet

The BSLBATT Solar Powerwall battery comes in a variety of qualities, with outstanding performance and design that can set it apart from other top battery options and help homeowners choose if it's right for them.

Power & Capacity of Energy Bank

The BSLBATT Solar Powerwall battery totes a maximum power standing of 15 kW and 10.24 kWh usable capacity. To more understand these figures, let's break down the meaning of a battery's maximum power standing and usable capacity.

The balance between maximum power and usable capacity is important to consider. However, it's important to ensure the energy capacity can sufficiently However, it's important to ensure that the energy capacity can sufficiently supply that power for the needed time If the battery's maximum power is high and can fluently supply power-empty appliances. Using the drink and straw analogy, it's important to ensure the drink has enough liquid( energy capacity) so that the straw( maximum power) doesn't deplete the drink too 't deplete the drink too snappily.

LiFePO4 Powerwall battery for home solar system 48V


When looking at batteries, it's vital to understand how they connect to other devices such as solar panels and solar inverters.

The BSLBATT Solar Powerwall is compatible with several well-known inverter brands on the market (e.g. Victron, Studer, Deye, Growatt, Goodwe, SMA, HUAWEI, Sol Ark, Sunsynk, Phocos, MUST, Sofar, Solis, etc.), and BSLATT is compatible with all solar panel brands. And BSLBATT has its own technical team, which means that you only need to send us the inverter and the corresponding protocol to make the BSLBATT battery communicate with it.

The BSLBATT Solar Powerwall is AC-coupled, so the main advantage of the battery is that it is easy to install, especially for retrofitting storage units. For solar installers, a simpler installation requires less labor and time, which usually means lower upfront costs.

Battery Chemistry

The BSLBATT Solar Powerwall uses lithium-ion technology, specifically lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, to store energy. LiFePO4 technology has improved significantly in recent years and is now the chemical of choice for home solar energy storage batteries. This preference is due to the many benefits of lithium-ion, including high energy density, lighter weight, less maintenance, greater safety, and greater depth of discharge (explained later).

BSLBATT Solar Powerwall Warranty

The BSLBATT Solar Powerwall has 60% capacity for 10 years. This means that the BSLBATT Solar Powerwall battery is guaranteed to produce at least 60% or its original capacity after 10 years.

Other benefits of the BSLBATT Solar Powerwall

● Safer, more durable, more reliable LiFePO4 cells

● AC coupling system for easier installation

● Compatible with more than 20 inverters

● Expandable by up to 16

● Tier One, A+ Cell Composition

● 98% Efficiency Rate

● ≥ 6000 Cycle Life with a 10-Year Warranty

● UL-rated battery pack.

● Cycle One to Several Times Per Day

● Fast Charge & Discharge Rates

Lithium ion solar batteries for home

Find a Reseller

BSLBATT has extensive experience with reliable products in the home energy storage sector, we offer our resellers market-specific competitive pricing and support our customers at local prestigious trade shows, if you want to contribute to renewable energy, contact us to discuss the BSLBATT reseller program!