BSLBATT Lithium Emerges as Stealth Winner for Home Batteries

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Lithium Battery Manufacturer BSLBATT Lithium is the hidden winner in today's home battery storage market.

They are growing rapidly. Their batteries have a very high level of safety - and are very affordable. They are tripling their product sales in 2021 over last year.

Powerwall battery

Who is BSLBATT Lithium?

BSLBATT Lithium is a lithium-ion battery manufacturer founded in 2003 in Huizhou, China, that includes over 18 years of R&D and OEM service. The company's mission is to develop and produce the advanced "BSLBATT" series (Best Solution Lithium Battery). They initially provided lithium battery solutions for applications such as golf carts, RV's, boats, electric forklifts, etc. As times have changed, off-grid solar energy storage at the home and enterprise level has become a major part of the business.

Their lithium battery storage business is clearly paying off, as the company is growing rapidly. in January 2022 BSLBATT Lithiium tallied sales figures for energy storage batteries and Their home batteries sales in 2021 is three times higher than the year before.

As the best lithium battery solution, as you can imagine, BSLBATT Lithium's batteries are designed for a variety of applications, and they offer many different storage sizes and features for different application scenarios.

BSLBATT Lithium Home Energy Storage Battery Options

BSLBATT Lithium's energy storage solutions are considered a safer alternative to typical cobalt-based lithium-ion batteries, making them ideal for emergency backup power in disaster conditions. This is a non-toxic, non-polluting lithium-ion battery with high thermal stability and greater depth of discharge that poses no fire risk and is guaranteed for 10 years of reliable operation.

You probably already know that lithium batteries have many advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries: they last longer, you can discharge them more deeply, they require no maintenance, and they are lighter and therefore easier to handle.

With these benefits, however, lithium batteries also have a much higher upfront investment cost. But because of the long battery life, lithium batteries are often more cost-effective, if not more so, than cheaper lead-acid batteries in the long run.

BSLBATT Lithium batteries clearly enjoy all the benefits of lithium technology (light weight, low maintenance) with a battery cycle life of over 7,000 cycles @ 80% discharge (which means you can drain 80% of the battery before it runs out of juice 7,000 times). And like most home energy storage batteries, BSLBATT's batteries include an internal battery management system (BMS) that monitors battery operating status, charge and discharge management, and equalization between individual cells. BSLBATT claims to have a proprietary battery architecture that increases efficiency, watch the video for more details on the benefits.

BSLBATT's home energy storage batteries are designed for energy storage in grid-connected and off-grid homes, both as backup power and to divert energy use to avoid high cost peak power. BSLBATT is currently well matched with many different inverters, Victron, Studer, SMA, Fronius, Voltronic Power Goodway, Growatt, Sermatec, Lux power, Deye, East, Huawei, etc. Now let's take a more in-depth look at their specific products.

Powerwall Battery 10kWh 5kWh

Powerwall Battery

Through its Powerwall series, BSLBATT offers 5.12kWh, 7.68kWh, 10.24kWh home batteries. The BSLBATT Powerwall is active in the energy storage market and uses a 16 cell lithium battery with a real voltage of 51.2V, which gives the BSLBATT Powerwall higher efficiency, longer life and better load management.

Powerful scalability is another significant advantage of BSLBATT Powerwall. Due to its modularity, the capacity of the system can be expanded smoothly and the installation of new units is easy. It can be connected in parallel with up to 16 identical battery modules. Basically, the system can be used for applications such as solar storage, demand satisfaction, planned energy dispatch and off-grid emergency power.

Important technical features:

Modular design: flexible capacity solutions from 5.12 kWh to 10.24 kWh.

Capacity can be smoothly expanded to meet the needs of households at different times.

Ease of installation: each module weighs approximately 98 kg.

Up to 10-year warranty.

Rackmount 48V Lithium Battery (1)

Rackmount 48V Lithium Battery

Chinese manufacturer BSLBATT Lithiuim offers more battery flexibility than other energy storage devices with its modular energy storage system Rack-mounted 48V, a plug-and-play home battery with a usable capacity of 5.12 kWh and an expansion number of 16. mounted 48V battery is durable, even if it sometimes does more than usual.

The Rack-mounted 48V can be charged at a rate of 1C, which means it takes only one hour to charge it with 100A of current. Considering that the device will be fully charged and discharged every day (an extreme case), the product will have a lifetime of 10 years, which is a very long time. Since in most applications, charging and discharging do not usually occur completely every day, the life expectancy is expected to exceed 16 years, which is in line with the life expectancy of most PV systems.

Key features of the Rack-mounted 48V battery pack:

High capacity - 5.12 kWh per unit.

Support for multiple mounting options: vertical, above-ground, wall-mounted, cell stacking.

Expansion possibilities: the product can accommodate up to 16 units operating in parallel.

High security: battery-level monitoring and equalization.

Compatibility with major inverter brands.

All in one ESS Battery

All in one ESS Battery

If you're looking for the simplicity of a battery-inverter combination like the Tesla Powerwall, BSLBATT Lithium has you covered too. They have combined their inverter systems and batteries to create the All in one ESS, a fully integrated energy storage system.

These storage systems are designed for both grid-tied and off-grid use, and the largest option, at 10kWh, can store enough energy for about half of the average household's daily use. While the larger battery option is sufficient for emergency backup power, the smaller 2.5kWh version - while capable of being used for backup power - is really best suited for homeowners and businesses that shift their energy use to different times of the day or grid-peak-connected. In addition to this, both the 10kWh and 2.5kWh versions can be extended with six options.

The All in one ESS is undoubtedly BSLBATT's response to advances in home energy storage technology - an all-inclusive, stylish and easy-to-use energy storage system that eliminates the need to purchase batteries and inverters separately.

Is the BSLBATT Lithium home battery worth the investment?

So that's the question on everyone's mind - does the BSLBATT Lithium home battery make economic sense?

With BSLBATT Lithium selling 3 times as many energy storage batteries in 2021 as they will in 2020, they are certainly a home battery storage system that the market, homeowners and businesses will find worthwhile.

In most areas, investing in energy storage batteries is still an expensive decision, and that's where BSLBATT Home Battery comes into existence, you can get a home battery backup system for a relatively low initial cost of energy storage. If you're in an area where natural disasters are a regular occurrence, stable power is more important than anything else.