BSLBATT launches high voltage energy storage systems for residential and C&I in Africa

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China-headquartered BSLBATT has launched the latest iteration of its Lithium battery energy storage systems, including a high voltage model, into the Global market. Designed for use in commercial and residential energy storage installations. This sits alongside the existing low voltage model which is suitable for residential use only.

BSLBATT Powerwall Batteries

The BSLBSTT high voltage lithium battery pack can deal with both low- as well as high-voltage inverters thanks to a dual circuit and also an embedded battery monitoring system that runs without the demand for an extra battery monitoring device.

The battery can be deployed as a wall-mounted option or in a stack setup, as well as the systems are simple to install, thanks to a special unit, the producer claims. "The internal components are safeguarded by a tough steel situation which can be wall surface placed, self-standing on the flooring, or piled, providing the individual the optimum versatility," Bella Chen, the business's sales supervisor for EMEA, told the client. "The battery module can be adjusted to various sorts of rooms."

BSLBSTT high voltage lithium battery can be configured for single or three-phase applications and can meet light or heavy load usage in on-grid and off-grid settings.

BSLBATT Lithium engineer stated the battery, when it should run in low-voltage setting, can be attached in parallel to form a low-voltage system with up to 25 batteries, providing for a storage capacity of as much as 130 kWh. In high-voltage mode, the storage systems are connected in series to create a cluster with an optimum voltage of 940 V (DC), with the collections stacked in nine towers, giving a storage ability of as much as 620 kWh.

Long guarantee

● A 10-year product guarantee offers absolute confidence in the operating capabilities of these batteries.

● Characteristics of the BSLBATT lithium battery system

● Flexible capacity configuration.

● Connection parallel to the support system.

● Supports RS485 or CAN communication.

● Modular design.

● Emergency stop function.

“The modular design of the solution enables private and corporate users to switch to a fully sustainable utility-independent energy solution with a small storage investment while having full scalability to adapt the storage volume to future developments such as integrating electrical vehicles," Bella Chen added.

The company's managing supervisor, Mr. Yi, claimed the battery is compatible with around 25 various inverter methods and also can be attached immediately with many low-voltage and high-voltage crossbreed inverters in the market.


● Residential photovoltaic installations for self-consumption applications.

● Commercial and industrial facilities for maximum use.

Each battery unit has a storage capability of 5.2 kWh, with overall measurements of 450 mm by 510 by 155 mm as well as a weight of 50 kg. The lithium-ion system uses LiFePO4 as the cathode product as well as has an ambient operating temperature level variety of -20 C to 45 C.

The company claims B-LFP high voltage lithium battery is a direct high voltage energy storage solution using a serial connection of battery cells and says this is an industry-wide first. Existing solutions favor a low-voltage battery paired with a DC-DC converter. Using higher voltages, of the type used typically in PV systems and by the grid, means that theoretically conversion losses are minimized.

BSLBATT Lithium engineer added that the price of the battery is in line with existing single-voltage devices. Its main benefit is that the exact same battery can be made use of for both residential or commercial demand, and can be related to both reduced- and also high-voltage tasks, he stated. The systems additionally include a Wi-Fi connection to allow for real-time surveillance by means of WeCo's proprietary application.