BSLBATT launch the third star of the Ultra Slim series - High Voltage Residential Battery

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In the ever-evolving world of renewable energy, the demand for efficient and compact battery solutions is constantly on the rise. BSLBATT, a leading manufacturer in the energy storage industry, is proud to introduce their latest innovation, the High Voltage Residential Battery. This groundbreaking product, known as the PowerPeak HVS, is the third star in BSLBATT's Ultra Slim Series, and it offers a range of impressive features that set it apart from its competitors.

HV home battery

The PowerPeak HVS takes center stage as the world's thinnest high-voltage battery, measuring a mere 14 cm in thickness. Its slim design addresses the growing need for compact energy storage solutions, ensuring minimal space requirements within residential environments. Homeowners embracing renewable energy systems often face challenges when it comes to accommodating energy storage solutions. With the PowerPeak HVS, BSLBATT provides an elegant and space-saving solution that seamlessly integrates into any home.

The modular design of the PowerPeak HVS offers unmatched convenience and flexibility. Its battery packs feature a quick plug connector, simplifying the installation process. This modular approach enables effortless scalability, allowing homeowners to expand their energy storage capacity as needed. Furthermore, the wide voltage PDU design of the PowerPeak HVS accommodates the combination of 3-9 battery packs in series, providing unparalleled versatility to meet diverse energy requirements.

Keeping pace with modern connectivity demands, the PowerPeak HVS incorporates built-in Wi-Fi and a wireless 4G module. This connectivity empowers users to perform remote upgrades and monitor their battery system in real time. The high brightness display, optimized for industrial applications, delivers immediate access to critical battery information and system status, ensuring a seamless user experience.

BSLBATT's dedication to compatibility shines through in the PowerPeak HVS. Its Battery Management System (BMS) supports multiple protocols, making it adaptable to mainstream inverters available in the market. This interoperability enables seamless integration with existing solar power systems, enabling homeowners to maximize the benefits of their renewable energy investments.

Safety and longevity are paramount in battery systems, and the PowerPeak HVS excels in both aspects. The battery modules employ high-quality LiFePO4 electrochemical technology, coupled with BSLBATT's exceptional manufacturing process, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. With over 6000 cycles at 90% Depth of Discharge (DOD) at 25℃, and an impressive End of Life (EOL) capacity retention of 70% after 6000 cycles or 10 years of use, the PowerPeak HVS guarantees reliability and long-term value.

The specifications of the PowerPeak HVS are equally impressive. Each battery module operates at 76.8V with a rated capacity of 53Ah, resulting in a storage capacity of 4.07kWh. These battery packs can be easily connected in series to create a high-voltage system, with a maximum of nine packs in series and a maximum voltage of 691.2V. Additionally, groups of 3-9 packs can be connected in parallel, allowing for a maximum of 10 parallel groups. This parallel and series combination enables a remarkable maximum capacity of 366.3kWh, catering to a wide range of residential energy storage needs.

BSLBATT's PowerPeak HVS represents a significant leap forward in high-voltage residential batteries. Its slim design, modular installation, advanced connectivity features, and exceptional compatibility make it the ultimate choice for homeowners seeking efficient and space-saving energy storage solutions. With its industry-leading BMS system and outstanding LiFePO4 technology, the PowerPeak HVS guarantees reliability, longevity, and exceptional performance.

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BSLBATT is a renowned manufacturer in the energy storage industry, dedicated to providing innovative and reliable battery solutions. With a focus on advanced technologies and exceptional product quality, BSLBATT is committed to powering a sustainable future.