BSLBATT Introduces New Hybrid Solar Inverter for Battery Storage

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BSLBATT will present its new battery storage hybrid solar inverter HI/B-LFP48-Home, BSLBATT's new solution for smart energy management and storage in the home, at EES Europe from May 11 to 13, 2022. HI/B-LFP48-Home is available in 3kW and 5kW power options.


New Hybrid Solar Energy Storage Inverter Control Unit

HI/B-LFP48-Home series is a new hybrid solar energy storage inverter control all-in-one machine integrating solar energy storage & utility charging energy storage and AC sine wave output, which adopts DSP control and features high response speed, high reliability and high industrialization standard through advanced control algorithm.

HI/B-LFP48-Home has four charging modes: solar only, grid priority, solar priority and grid & solar. You can choose grid priority or PV system priority to charge your home battery, a feature that is very beneficial for optimizing your home energy system and ensures that the use of grid connection is minimized; and it also has two output options, inverter and mains. It can meet the needs of different applications.

The Brain System for Home Energy Storage - HI/B-LFP48-Home

This hybrid solar inverter is part of BSLBATT's complete residential energy storage solution, a new concept in smart energy management for the home. The HI/B-LFP48-Home can be installed on the floor or wall and comes with an app monitoring application for iOS and Android smartphones.

The solar charging module uses the latest optimized MPPT tracking technology to quickly track the maximum power point of the PV array in any environment and obtain real-time information about the solar panels. The solar charging module uses the latest optimized MPPT tracking technology to quickly track the maximum power point of the PV array in any environment and obtain the maximum energy of the solar panel in real time with a wide MPPT voltage range. Using advanced MPPT technology, the conversion efficiency of PV can be increased to 99.9%. This new hybrid solar inverter plays a central role in improving the efficiency of energy consumption. Using a two-in-one solution, solar energy can be generated, consumed immediately and stored in a home battery with the same equipment.

Parallel/Split-phase/Three-phase Hybrid Solar Inverters

Parallel function: HI/B-LFP48-Home can be used with up to 6 machines in parallel, thus achieving an increased carrying capacity and storage and charging capacity, e.g. one HI/B-LFP48-Home with a carrying capacity of 5000W can carry 10KW using two machines in parallel.

Phase-sharing function: HI/B-LFP48-Home can realize up to 6 machines to form a phase-sharing use, and the phase-sharing system can realize the output of 110V and 220V at the same time, this function is designed to meet the use of two voltage appliances in the family; for example: a HI/B-LFP48-Home with a load capacity of 3500W, using two phase-sharing use, the 220V phase voltage output power 7KW,110V phase voltage output power 3500W.

Three-phase function: hybrid solar inverter can realize up to six machines to form a three-phase voltage system for use, and the three-phase system can realize 380V voltage output; for example: one HI/B-LFP48-Home with load capacity of 5000W, using three units to form a three-phase system, can output 380V/15KW AC power.

Charging Module and Inverter Module

AC-DC charging module adopts advanced control algorithm to realize fully digital voltage and current double closed-loop control, with high control accuracy and small size. The AC voltage input range is wide, and the input/output protection function is complete, which can achieve charging and protection of the battery stably and reliably.

DC-AC inverter module is based on fully digital intelligent design, using advanced SPWM technology, outputting pure sine wave, converting DC power into AC power, suitable for household appliances, power tools, industrial equipment, electronic audio and video and other AC loads. The product adopts segment LCD display design, real-time display of system operation data and operation status, such as charging and discharging status, inverter voltage, motor voltage, etc. Comprehensive electronic protection function ensures the whole system is safer and more stable.

How to Choose BSLBATT Hybrid Solar Inverter?

The maximum open circuit voltage supported by BSLBATT hybrid solar inverter can reach 500V. Suppose your house has 10*500W solar panels with 5 series and 2 parallel connections, if you choose a 5kW hybrid solar inverter, taking 5 hours of light per day as an example, this configuration will generate about 20KWh of PV power and 20-30KWh of battery storage per day, with a load capacity of 5000W; suppose your house has 8*500W solar panels, using 2 series 4 parallel connection, if you choose 3kW hybrid solar inverter, for example, with 5 hours of light per day, this configuration will generate 16KWh of PV power per day, 20KWh of battery storage, and 3300W of carrying capacity.

5kw hybrid solar inverter

HI/B-LFP48-Home supports BSLBATT Powerwall battery and all home 48V lithium batteries, so you can purchase it in a bundle with our batteries at send an email to for quick access to more product information or start an offline meeting with us at EES Europe 2022 that Our Booth No. B1 480E.