• 15kWh Solar Wall Battery 48V 300Ah Lithium-ion Home Solar Battery Tesla Alternative
    15kWh Solar Wall Battery 48V 300Ah Lithium-ion Home Solar Battery Tesla Alternative
    15kWh Battery - Slimline
    The BSLBATT Slimline is a solar wall battery with a large capacity of 15kWh (15.36kWh usable capacity) and is the perfect alternative to the Tesla Powerwall, providing more autonomy for your home. It can be expanded to connect 15-30 identical battery cells in parallel and is compatible with well-known inverters on the market. BSLBATT is a lithium solar battery manufacturer, specializing in LFP technology.


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    Product Description

    BSLBATT 15kWh Solar Wall Battery - Slimline

    BSLBATT 15kWh Solar Wall Battery These are modular low-voltage solutions for residential and commercial use, producing cells with a cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) core, a detail that guarantees safety and a long life cycle, as well as high power. The overall design is simple and robust and can be adapted to any environment and temperature, and they can also be used in combination with single- and three-phase inverters from leading manufacturers. BSLBATT Slimline can be connected in parallel with up to 30 identical modules, with a maximum capacity of 460.8kWh.

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    48v 300ah lithium battery

    Product Highlights

    Module level auto-balancing

    Compatible with over 20 inverters

    Tier One, A+ Cell Composition

    15.36kWh expandable up to 460.8kWh

    AC Coupled for both new and retrofitted installations

    15 kW peak power for 3s

    99% Efficiency LiFePo4 16-Cell Pack with the voltage 51.2v

    Max Energy Density: 118Wh/Kg

    Modular design gives highest flexibility

    Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous Cobalt-Free LFP Chemistry

    Stress-Free Battery Bank Expansion Capacity

    Longer Lasting; 10-20 year Design Life

    Reliable Built-In BMS, Voltage, Current, Temp. and Health Management

    Multiple communication interfaces: RS485, RS232,CAN

    Simple buckle fixing minimize the installation time and cost

    UL rated battery pack.


    Store excess energy generated by solar panels and use it whenever needed

    Back up Power Supply

    Provide emergency power supply during grid failure.

    Reduce your Energy Bills

    Benefit from low-cost electricity by charging your batteries off-peak hours.

    Smart Energy Management

    Measure, monitor, and manage the system in real-time.

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    Electrical Specifications 15kWh Battery - Slimline Discharge Specifications
    Nominal Voltage 51.2V (16S) Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 200A
    Nominal Capacity 300Ah Peak Discharge Current 200A
    Enegy 15.36 kWh Recommended Discharge Current 100A
    Efficiency 99% Voltage at end of Discharge 47 - 48V
    Self Discharge < 1% Per Month

    Mechanical Specifications
    Temperature Specifications
    Dimensions(L X W x H) 600*190* 950MM
    Discharge Temperature (-20 ~ 60 °C) Weight 130KG
    Charge Temperature (0 ~ 45"C) Case Material Steel
    Storage Temperature (-20 ~ 55"C) Cell Type Prismatic

    Chemistry LiFePO4
    Charge Specifications

    Recommended Charge Current 100A Compliance Specifications
    Recommended Charge Current 100A Certifications CE (battery)
    Recommended Charge Voltage 54- 55V UN38.3 (battery)


    Shipping Classification UN 3480, CLASS 9
    15kWh battery solar wall battery

    Inverter Protocol Auto-match

    When different brands of inverters are connected to the battery, the BMS automatically recognizes the inverter communication protocol and matches it.