• 12kW On/Grid Hybrid Battery Inverter Solar 48V DC Split Phase
    12kW On/Grid Hybrid Battery Inverter Solar 48V DC Split Phase
    12kW Hybrid Inverter

    HI12000LV is a 12kW hybrid inverter Built-in 3 MPPT Input for max input 18kW, can be used in 48V on-grid solar, off-grid solar and backup systems by saving on energy costs and supporting variable working modes. This 12kW solar inverter product features balanced charging and automatic mode selection – allowing you to choose between off-grid solar or backup modes of operation.

    • HI12000LV
    • Product Description
    Product Description

    HI12000LV 12KW Hybrid Battery Inverter for Energy storage

    The main function of battery storage inverter is to store energy from solar panels in home lithium battery system, divided into grid-connected inverter and off-grid inverter, and hybrid inverter for grid-connected and off-grid, BSLBATT 12kW Hybrid Inverter is an ideal choice for hybrid solar/battery systems that use renewable energy to reduce electricity bills and produce sustainable energy.

    inverter 48v 220v

    HI12000LV 12kW hybrid inverters support variable working modes:

    Self consumption mode: Solar energy is first used to carry the house load, and the remaining solar energy is used to charge the batteries, which can then charge and integrate the solar energy into the grid.

    Force charge and discharge mode: The power inverter battery can charge or discharge the battery according to the time set by the user.

    Charge first mode: Solar energy will be used first to charge the inverter battery, then for the home load, and finally fed into the grid. This model is suitable for areas with unstable power supply from the grid.

    48v hybrid inverter

    Product Advantages:

    12kW EPS Output

    10 units Paralleling

    AC Couple to retrofit existing solar system

    Support Wi-Fi for mobile monitoring

    3 MPPT Input for max input 18kW

    Separated Generator Input

    200A AC Passthrough Current

    PV Module Monitoring

    Peak Shaving Function

    Color LCD, Touch Scree

    Product Features:

    Maximum PV Self-Consumption

    Peak Load Shifting

    UPS Level

    Peak Valley Mode



    12kw off grid inverter

    Dimension(mm):670*490*265(26.3*19.3*10.4 inch)

    12kw hybrid inverter1

    Product Data

    Battery Parameters HI12000LV
    Compatible Battery Type Lead-acid/Lithium
    Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
    Battery Voltage Range 40V-60V
    Maximun Charging/Discharging Current 250A/250A
    Maximun Charging/Discharging Power 12000W
    Input DC(PV Side)
    Max.PV Power To Battery & Grid 18000W
    DC Input Voltage Range 100V-600V
    Nominal DC Input Voltage 360V
    Full Power MPPT Voltage Range 230~500V
    Max. DC Input Current 25A/15A/15A
    MPPT Number/(Strings per MPPT) 3(2/1/1)
    Max. short current per MPPT 34A/17A/17A
    Output /Input AC(Grid)
    Nominal Power 12000W
    Nominal AC Voltage (US Version) 208V/240V Split phase
    Nominal AC Voltage (EU Version) 230V
    Operating Voltage Range 180V-270V
    Max. Continuous AC Current 50A@240V
    Nominal AC Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    UPS Max.Output Power 12000W
    UPS Nominal Output Voltage (US Verion) 208V/240V Split phase
    UPS Nominal Output Voltage (EU Ver ion) 230V
    UPS Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    UPS Nominal Output Current 50A@240V
    THDV <3%
    Peak Power 2*Pn.0.5s
    Switching Time <20ms
    MPPT Efficiency 99.90%
    Max. Efficiency 97.50%
    EU Efficiency 96.50%
    Battery Charging Efficiency 95%
    Battery Discharging Efficiency 94.50%
    Reverse Polarity Protection YES
    Anti-islanding Protection YES
    AC Short-circuit Protection YES
    Leakage Current Protection YES
    Grid Monitoring YES
    DC Switch YES
    Ingress Protect DegreeSPD Protection IP65
    SPD Protection YES
    General Data
    Dimension(mm) 670*490*265(26.3*19.3*10.4inch)
    weight 50kg (110.2 lbs)
    Display Color LCD
    Topology Transformer-less
    Ambient Temperature Range -25-60C
    Cooling FAN
    Communication RS485/Wi-Fi/CAN
    Standard & Certifcation
    EU Version NRS 097
    US Version UL 1741:2021. CSA C22,2#107.1:2016, CSA C222#330:2017 IEEE1547:2018, IEE1547.1:2020, HECO SRD.EEE-1547.1:2020 CEC